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Welcome to L.E.A.A.P's web page!!!!

                       THIS IS A NON-COMMERCIAL SITE!!

The Law Enforcement Association of Asian Pacifics (LEAAP) is a NON PROFIT professional 
organization of law enforcement officers dedicated to the pursuit
of excellence.  Our members come from a diverse cross section of law
enforcement fields including Federal, Municipal, State, County and other
agencies.  LEAAP was founded in 1991 by a group of Asian American peace officers
in Southern California as a fraternal organization to share innovative ideas and
friendship.  LEAAP's goal is also to bridge the gap between law enforcement agencies and the diverse community it
serves through social, civic, scholastic, and vocational functions.  LEAAP is proud
to be represented by many diverse law enforcement organizations locally and internationally.

Please check this page regularly and keep updated on LEAAP's future activities. We encourage anyone who is an active or retired
law enforcement officer to contact us by e-mail for correspondence or any questions.
We are always happy to share our expertise with our friends wearing the badge. 


President:  Detective Ben Lee (Los Angeles Police Department)

1st Vice President:  Lieutenant Douglas Shur (Los Angeles Police Department)

2nd Vice President:  Deputy Michael Young (Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept.)

Treasurer:  Detective Daniel Wong (Los Angeles Police Department)

Secretary:  Officer Sharon Shyy (Los Angeles Police Department)

Sergeant at Arms:  Carrie Katsumata (Los Angeles Police Department)

Directors: Sergeant Benjamin Castro 
           Lieutenant Terry Hara
           Lieutenant Jones Moy 
           Detective William Park 
           Detective Debbie Prosser 

E-Mail LEAAP at:

...or you may write to us at 905 East 2nd Street, suite 200
   Los Angeles, CA 90012

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LEAAP       News!!!

Please pray for the safety of our American servicemen in Europe 
during this time of crisis.